General Plotting Options

[[channel] start to [channel] end]
[rotated degrees]
[to "file"]
[driver "driver"]

The domain can be specified using the start to end syntax. It is assumed that start and end are in calibrated units unless they are preceded by the word channel. It an output file is specified, the file name is used to guess the correct driver. If a guess cannot be made, or no output file is specified, the xwin driver is used. The plot can be rotated by an arbitrary angle using the rotated option followed by the number of degrees to rotate the plot.


Plot normalized data instead of raw data


Non-background regions to be shaded on the plot


Print the peak number near the top of each peak


Use calibrated units on the a-axis instead of channels


Rescale the y-axis based on the data in the specified domain


When plotting small peaks, use the rescaled option.

Refer to the PLplot documentation for valid driver names. Common ones are xwin, ps, psc (ps in color), jpeg and png. Note, when using the xwin driver, the output file name refers to the name of the X11 terminal (the default is taken from the environmental variable DISPLAY).

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